Thoughts On Our Current Situation

Since I’m under no pressure to not come off as a crank here, and because shy of abusing WordPress’s TOS I can pretty much say what I damned well want, I suppose this is as good a space to say it as any.

At any rate, I’m accustomed to being a cassandra.  Nobody believed me when I said that Bush’s case for war in Iraq was extremely sketchy, and nobody believed me when I said that Russia was covertly influencing the American right wing.  I’ve been proved right on both points.

Here’s my latest bit of insight: I believe that what we’re witnessing is a slow burn civil war between factions within our government, where alliances are mercurial and the exact number and nature of the parties involved is extremely murky.  Something big is going on, with those who influence the flow of information and intelligence somehow pulling the strings, working in a series of complex maneuvers to gradually steer this country toward plutocracy.

It isn’t clear who is involved, but we can find some glimmers of possible intrigue if we look closely at the last 50 years.

We have, for instance, this article in the L.A. Times that exposes the fact that factions in Iraq and Syria armed by the Pentagon have been fighting factions armed by the CIA.  On its own this sounds like a procedural fuckup, but consider that the factions fighting in that part of the world are all proxies for world powers.  Why would a world power fight against itself?

Second, there’s the probable collusion of the FBI in Trump’s election victory.  This has been well-documented in the press of late.

Third, there’s the historic role of the FBI as a sort of force above and beyond the bounds of regular law enforcement, particularly for the enforcement of social norms and prohibitionism.  They became a de facto secret police under J. Edgar Hoover, especially during the Nixon administration, when they launched programs like COINTELPRO to break up activist groups within the US.  The Nixon years also gave us the War on Drugs, and the intelligence community in particular seems keen on preserving the status quo when it comes to that particular effort.

It’s worth noting that no president will touch the expensive and disastrous war on drugs despite it being, in all objective measure, a failure and a human rights catastrophe.  Obama probably came the closest, but his entire approach has been to wash his hands of the matter rather than become directly involved.

Fourth, I’ve found evidence of the FBI spreading conspiracy theories that have been favored by conservatives; particularly in perpetuating the Satanic Panic.  I found video of former FBI head Ted Gunderson spewing a litany of such conspiracy theories for which there is no proof, only mountains of hearsay in the tabloid press.  I also personally know enough esoteric types to tell you, there is no “Illuminati,” just rich people who’ll cut each other’s throats over a chance to run the world.  They operate more or less in plain sight and the things they do are often more outrageous and shocking than any conspiracy theory.

Now here’s where it gets confusing: why would they prefer Trump over Clinton?  She’s already supported the status quo on the war on drugs, she’s clearly a Nixon acolyte like every president we’ve had since the mid-70s, and seemed to be the establishment favorite.  What happened?

The best I can guess is that the alliances and priorities of the intelligence community have shifted somewhat.  They still want a Nixonesque strongman in charge, and Trump certainly provides that; where Trump differs chiefly and most sharply from Clinton is his policy toward Russia.

It is not uncommon, in a civil war, for one faction or another to side with a foreign power in order to achieve its goals.  If a covert civil war has indeed broken out between various factions within our government, then it may be that the intelligence community has begun to side with Russia in which case, the civilian government will be very easily manipulated into a harder, pro-Russian stand.  It could be because Russia has the upper hand strategically, or it could be because Russia has been more proactive in advancing plutocracy.  It could also be that, after the fall of the Soviet Union, we underestimated the political will and means of the Russian state to infiltrate our republic the way we infiltrated the Soviet Union and, ultimately, overthrew it.

What exactly is happening is unclear but it’s clear that something is very wrong on a profound level.  US intelligence services and the FBI are somehow involved.  Elections are being tampered with, control of people and information seem to be at least part of the stakes involved, and there is something of a thread of continuity going back to the late 1960s that hints at a totalitarian shift in the US government around that time that has remained in play for nearly half a century.

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