Possible Breakthrough

The mid-19th Century life I saw flashes of included a name that wafted into my consciousness, “Clyde Star(r).”  This led me to discover the Clyde steamers, including one in the 1850s which I think was called the “Star,” but didn’t turn up much else.

I have now found a link between the Clyde steamers and the American coast in the mid-19th Century: Civil War Blockade Runners.  Apparently, something like 40 percent of the ships were Scottish and I’ve found a book that might answer some of my questions:


I may try to see if any of the local libraries has a copy of this book.  I am increasingly convinced that “Clyde Star” is the name of a ship and if I find out that there was such a ship used as a blockade runner, then my whereabouts in the mid-19th century will make much more sense.  It’s quite likely I was involved in delivering one of these ships to a third party in one of the northern states since I have memories of being in the Northeastern US but not in the Southeast.


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