Came The Thaw

I’ll probably post more in depth another time, but here’s the short version for now.

I’m not leaving the church.  I may be forced into a hiatus from it but I have no intention of quitting.

It’s true that I’m weary of focusing on reincarnation and past lives, but when I think seriously about it, I’m faced with a lot of things that I have a hard time dismissing out of hand.  It is still inconvenient to think of reincarnation as a possibility- it always has been- but the whole point of this blog was to make sense of having that can of worms opened up in the first place and try as I might, I can’t weld it shut again.

The future of this blog is still uncertain and updates may be sparse but I’m leaving it open.  At any rate I suspect something cosmic is going very wrong and it may be useful to have a space here where I can explore that without staking my reputation on it as a writer or historian or anything else.  This blog has always been where I posted my wildest, maddest ideas and I guess I need that in a time when the maddest, wildest things are happening on a daily basis.

Watch this space.


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