I’ve decided to reconsider my position on Donald Trump somewhat.

First let me state that I still view him as a threat to himself and to this country.  But I am now starting to believe that he is a threat not out of malfeasance but out of an undiagnosed and neglected mental illness.

I do not make this remark flippantly.  I’m dead serious.  I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety/PTSD for most of my life, and I’ve known a number of people with schizophrenic/schizoaffective/bipolar disorders, so I know what these conditions do to a person.  I’ve seen it far too many times.  They start looking disheveled, tired, baggy-eyed, and moving erratically.  Thoughts, words, and actions become confused and muddled.  If the condition is severe enough, delusional thoughts can begin to creep in and take over.

I saw a recent interview with him over the alleged voter fraud.  He looked bad.  His hair was mussed, his suit was rumpled, he had heavy bags under his eyes that had been hastily slathered over with pancake makeup, and he was displaying what appeared to me, as a layperson with a lot of practical knowledge of psychology, to be cognitive rigidity, repeatedly rebuffing every reasonable thing he was told about his conspiracy theories being debunked with nonsensical answers.  This is one of the defining traits of a delusional personality.

I no longer think he should be taken to prison after being promptly removed from office. I now believe he should taken to a hospital and evaluated by doctors before he is allowed to continue to serve as President of the United States of America.  He’s showing worrying signs of a man either on the brink of a total psychotic break or of someone already undergoing one and we need to get him to a professional who can make a solid determination on whether or not he is mentally competent for the role of commander in chief.  I say this with the same grim sincerity I would if my own father was behaving this way.

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