Likely Events

After today’s sweeping ruling from a federal judge about Trump’s ill-conceived Muslim ban (let’s not mince words, Giuliani admitted as much), the following timeline could play out.

1. CBP, loyal to Trump, continue to enforce the law and the courts are forced to send in US Marshals against CBP agents.

2. Trump may or may not briefly relent.

3. A false flag attack may follow (2), or (1) if (2) does not happen. This false flag will be extremely unsophisticated and obvious to anyone who isn’t brainwashed by Trump’s propaganda team. Its purpose will not be to convince the skeptical but to rally the base into a frenzy of “we warned you!”

4. Trump’s contempt for the Judicial Branch will boil over. Either he will sign an illegal EO suspending the federal courts until further notice and it will go unopposed by our cowardly Congress, or he will have armed supporters swarm federal courthouses. Not only the militia movement, but at least some military divisions (like the SEAL team seen displaying Trump flags on their Humvees), private military contracts, and rogue police departments (like the so-called “constitutional sheriffs”) would be sent in to kill or arrest disloyal judges.

From there, the outcome would depend on how many soldiers, police, and civilians have the courage to actually uphold the Constitution against the orders of a megalomaniac. But if shots are fired between factions at any point in this timeline, we have a civil war on our hands and it’s going to get ugly.



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