Also Worth Sharing

It’s on my most popular post on this blog, but I thought I’d share that I have a definitive answer on Jeanette Marlin.

She lived until 2008 as Jeanette Ryder.  She lived to a ripe old age after all:

I had pretty much given up any idea that my husband had been Jeanette in a previous life when absolutely nothing in Berkeley got any reaction out of him, but it’s good to close that loose end once and for all.

If anything, I think I actually prefer to believe that my love for my husband is something new and special that has never happened before in some milieu of predestination ruled by archetypes and groups by likeness and role.  I prefer to believe that I’ve never had a love like I have for him in tens of thousands of years of human memory, and I treasure that thought. Here is something special and precious about my current life.

A very special thanks to Tessa Dick for that information.


2 thoughts on “Also Worth Sharing

    • In a similar vein, the man I suspect I may have been in WWI had a brother who lived the rest of his life on the town where he was born and died at the age of 96. But he had been incredibly difficult to track down. It’s strange to think about, that I could find nothing of what he’d been up to since 1915 except a photo of a headstone.

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