Cat Update

Going back through the last few months’ post as I dust this blog off, I realized I never really told what happened to my cat.

The fact is, he’s still alive, but very weak.  I discovered today that I can safely double his sub-q fluids so I’m going for it.  When he needs any more than the maximum I’ll be giving him, though, it will be time to say goodbye and I still don’t know if I’ll ever be ready for it, after 19 long years with my little tiger.

By the way, a thought crossed my mind today as I thought about how people and animals are called “burdens.”  What occurred to me was not that my cat wasn’t a burden, but that what was really different about me was the attitude of not seeing burdens as a bad thing.

I think across the broadest, most generous definition of “Christianity,” there can be nothing more corrosive to the Christian ethos than the attitude that a burden is something to be avoided.

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