Going Silent For A While

My cat is still lingering, finally no longer eating or drinking and obviously in pain.

It’s time to discontinue treatment.  It’s going to tear my heart out to watch him lie there while not giving him his sub-q fluids or his antibiotics, but the vet told me that day might come.

I’ll probably be very quiet for a while.  Thinking of going off to Astoria by train for the day once he’s gone… for some reason I feel the need to be near the ocean.

I’ve decided I want to keep half his ashes and take the other half to London, to be scattered in either the Thames or in some green space that will allow it (sadly, Richmond Park forbids scattering ashes).  I always felt guilty about not having him with me while I was in London and I already had a few other reasons I wanted to go to the UK anyhow, so I may as well take care of them all in one go.  If anyone would be willing to help me get there, it would be greatly appreciated.


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