Quantum Consciousness

I’m saving this for later because I want to do an in-depth read/commentary on this in relation to everything I’ve talked about on this blog.  It’s an exciting article, and it leaves a lot of room to explain how what we perceive as reincarnation is really just non-linear time.  It talks honestly about the flaws in a number of popular theories and shows that they’ve done their homework better than those schlocky life-after-death documentaries on the Discovery Channel.


One quick comment: there was mention of a physicist in the 1930s who believed it possible that the development of beings that perceive was essentially what created matter in its definite forms and therefore, a whole coherent history spun out of a self-determining “present.”

I had the thought that there was a singular moment when the past, present, and future all unrolled, but that it could be felt at seemingly irregular intervals throughout time that were, in fact, the same moment.  I guess it’s a bit like Phil’s idea that 1974 was just another temporal “accident” (in the Platonic sense) that showed the intersections of orthogonal streams of time.  The thought occurred to me that my experience in 2012 may have coincided with such a Platonic accident.

I’m unfocused and scattered from watching my cat slowly fade away, so I’ll have to get back to this when my anxiety and depression are back on a more even keel.


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