Brief Thought

Just a brief thought that crossed my mind, recording this in case it turns out to be something but I’m not optimistic.

Supposing I learn at some point that Jack’s nickname was “Longshot?”  Honestly, if he had a nickname anywhere close to “Longsword” it’d really seal the connection, wouldn’t it?

Getting hold of Jack’s family is infinitely more difficult and I’d have to call much more attention to myself to do it.  I really wish there was someone in his family who might remember stories their elders told them.  It’s not like Phil where I’ve actually been able to get in touch with people who knew him relatively easily without going to any great lengths.

I guess that’s why he still haunts me.  I have a lot of memories I simply can’t confirm because nobody who knew him is still alive, and even though what I’ve been able to confirm so far is staggering, it’s mostly things of concern to bureaucrats.

Still hoping that maybe some descendant of William and Jane Harris of Yeovil, Somerset UK will find this blog and confirm something but it’s been almost five years now.



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