A Prayer

Lord God who endurest in all things,

Thou who art both high and low,

Thou who art both night and day,

Thou who art come of Sophia just as Sophia is come of thee,

Thou who art embodied in Christ just as Christ is embodied in thee,

Thou who art the fire and thou who didst cast fire upon the world,

Thou who art the living light of gnosis and who givest gnosis to all who would seek thee,

Deliver us now in our hour of darkness

From the vanities of the archons who would occlude us,

And from the wiles of them who would deceive us.

Let not our enemies triumph over us,

But lead us from them by thy fiery pillar.

Grant us strength, wisdom, and love in abundance,

And shine forth thy light upon the world that all may see.

Amen. +


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