Remembering Something

I had a vision a couple weeks ago- really, more of a waking dream- of Egypt.

When I say Egypt I don’t mean the later Ptolemaic kingdom of the age of Cleopatra, but the Old Kingdom, as it was many thousands of years ago.  The Nile delta was lusher than it is now, and towns of white-stuccoed buildings sprung up all along the river.  The people looked healthy and proud, and the weather was fair.

I guess I forgot about it because it never led to anything.  But at the time it felt significant, as if this was the Egypt of the time of the mystery schools, before the later kingdoms corrupted the mystery schools and then sealed the sacred papyri for all time; an Egypt from a thousand years before the arrival of Joseph.

That is to say this may not have even been a literal, historic Egypt at all, but a mythic Egypt, an Egypt that can only be reached in the mind and where something ancient lies hidden.

But my mind has not been back there, and I feel strangely desolate for not being able to return to this place if even in my mind.  I don’t want to force myself to envision the same thing again because it’s simply not the same as the wafting free association that brought me this vision, seemingly ex nihilo.

I want it to come to me again.  I want to do more than see.  I want to smell the incense in the temple of Osiris.  I want to splash my face in the waters of a Nile more crystal-blue than may have ever flowed in this imperfect plane.  I want to be refreshed there, in this land of ancient mystery.

I think this mythic Egypt is somehow significant.  In particular the forces I stand opposed to- the forces many stand opposed to- are represented by Kek, who is the thrall of Set, the god of chaos.  In Egypt lies the key to the binding of Kek and the restoration of order.

I’ll meditate on Egypt, not forcing myself to envision any single thing but letting it come to me.

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