Antidepressants, Day 2

The initial dose seems to have given me a slight nocebo effect in the first half hour yesterday.  While showering I began to feel dizzy and my arm felt weak. Within an hour of the onset the symptoms were gone.

I’m a bit snippy.  I went off on my husband more times than I would like to.  If this continues, treatment is a no-go.  I’ve heard it takes a couple of weeks to work, but that sounds like a lie to get gullible people to stay on the pills longer.  I need to rein in my cynicism because I’ve seen the science behind it and although I’m not overly well-versed in chemistry, it seems to makes sense, I guess.  Astronomy and physical anthropology were always my strong suits when it comes to the hard sciences, not so much chemistry.  I can look at a skeleton and give you a rough idea of age, sex, and population group, but I can’t make heads or tails of chemical formulae.

Still not concentrating well enough to sit down and write, but that can be put down to a general restlessness I’ve been feeling for weeks.  Can’t be readily attributed to meds yet.  I did do really well in a rather stressful situation for our church’s Maundy Thursday service (our other server didn’t show up so I had to learn an unfamiliar liturgy while serving both her role and mine), but I pulled it off splendidly.

Not sure what to expect once the meds actually start working.  I’ll keep posting here because what the hell.  I need to keep this blog alive until I can afford to travel to Ypres which is going to be a while.


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