Photos from the Seven Grey Foxes

My photos from my 2015 stay at the Seven Grey Foxes, the B&B run by the late Anne Dick in Point Reyes Station.  It is the exact same house where Philip K. Dick lived when he wrote “Man in the High Castle,” “Dr. Bloodmoney,” “Time out of Joint,” and a whole slew of other classics but it’s also the site of one of his nastiest divorces.

I didn’t have any clear memories while I was staying there, and the day I arrived I felt no sense of familiarity except for a small knoll some distance behind the house which, once upon a time, Phil’s writing hovel had once been located.  I had some hunches about the place, some correct and some unconfirmed, but nothing conclusive.

I found that many of the online reviews complaining of harsh chemical smells that made breathing difficult and a large number of spiders were true, but I couldn’t bring myself to comment on that at the time.

The morning after I woke from my first night in the place, I got up early.  The birds were singing- so many different kinds of birds!- and a deer was browsing by one of the trees.  Later that evening, my husband and I had dinner on the balcony and listened to coyotes howl.

In all there were only a few spots in Point Reyes station that felt familiar, mostly along the roads.  The rest of it was simply having an uncanny sense of direction for the place with no clear memory of having been there.  But the memories I made while I was there are fresh and new, and I found a new favorite spot to vacation.  I imagine the Seven Grey Foxes will probably close now but there are other B&B and vacation rental properties in the area.

I’ll be back.  I’m sure of it.   I stopped briefly in Point Reyes Station last year, when I went down to Santa Cruz and drove my new roommate up the coast the long way.  A place like that stays with you.

Here are the photos I didn’t share from the B&B itself.



From the driveway.


The patio, looking back toward the house where the hovel once stood.



Inside our suite which I felt hadn’t been there originally, or hadn’t originally been a living space in Phil’s time.  I have yet to confirm this.



Lots of lovely deer in Point Reyes Station!



The house visible in this photo is about where the hovel once was. I later confirmed this.  The bright pink cruciform lens flare in the bottom left corner is rather interesting and I hadn’t noticed it before!



The fence along Mesa Drive.  It occurred to me that 50 years of tree and vegetation growth might have made the place less recognizable.



A very aesthetic view of the sadly dilapidated shed and the field that had once had sheep and horses.



The house itself.  I suspected (and later confirmed through old images) that it had been repainted but apart from that, it’s about the same as it ever was!

I can only hope Tandy and Laura take good care of the place and don’t sell it to someone looking to make a tourist trap out of it.  The house deserves to be a quiet, out-of-the-way spot like it always was and Anne’s B&B was actually a well-kept secret, even among Phil’s fans.  On the other hand, that property is probably worth millions and, well, I can’t blame them if they have to sell.  I just hope that not only the house, but its relative isolation will be preserved.  I want others to hear the birds in the morning like I did.



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