Personal Life Update

Kept awake by allergies so I thought I’d brief a little on my personal life.

A bit anxious over whether or not I’ll still be able to get insurance first of all, considering I have several things on the preexisting conditions list.  Luckily the fight isn’t over.

The kitten I got a little more than two months ago has really made herself at home. She’s incredibly feisty and bites often, gets into all kinds of trouble, and keeps us awake at night. But she’s also the kind of cat you can scoop up and hug and scratch without having to be too gentle, and she sure does appreciate the attention!  Her rough style of play gets a little crazy though; she has taken a liking to being tossed none too gently across the room to land on the bed. I swear to you, she’s​ purring LOUDLY after you toss her a few times, and she’ll come right up to you wanting another turn. I’ve never had a cat who enjoyed playing so rough.  We’re still careful not to hurt her or throw her too hard or against any hard surfaces, and we leave her alone when she stops enjoying herself. She has a tendency to bite the fire out of you if you make her even slightly uncomfortable so it’s very easy to tell when play time is over.

She’s also an excellent jumper. We’ve measured her maximum leap at close to five feet straight in the air.  Her favorite toy is a blue shoestring and her favorite game is jumping high in the air to grab it. She’s very athletic and graceful. The down side is that there’s hardly a surface in the whole apartment she can’t get to now.

My writing is going extremely well.  That long and terribly involved SF novel I’m working on is nearing completion at a blistering pace. At this rate I should think I’ll have a polished draft ready for my proofreaders by mid-June.  Then, mercifully, maybe I can put SF aside for a while and put my energy into historical fiction.  I don’t think I can abandon SF completely but it’s good to try new things.

Provided I don’t die of a preventable disease or the current dictatorship doesn’t decide to make an example of me for some reason, I’ll be fine.


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