The episode seems to have passed. Being discharged. Apparently suddenly losing a fundamental​ ability for a couple hours isn’t an emergency.

I had a frightening flashback during the attack though. I don’t think it was something that actually happened but something I had been afraid would happen. I became Jack, mentally speaking, and had an anxious flash when the doctor stood over me and in an angry voice demanded the particulars of my insurance. At one point I wanted to blurt out “I don’t know where they are!” (as if asked for information about my battalion) and I briefly but vividly imagined that I was in an infirmary in a prison camp being interrogated by a German officer.  I got hold of my senses and snapped back to reality before I let on that I’d had such an episode.

The doctor thinks it might be autoimmune, which they won’t test for here, so it’s a cab ride home for me.


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