Memory Fragment

A fragment from James’ life came to me.  A series of images and more vague impressions of New York in the 1850s.  Not much I could look into except one thing.

There was a street going off at an angle from the docks. You could see an official-looking building with a clock tower at the end of it.

I found a street that might be it on an old map but I can’t quite make out the name. It looks like Rosevelt (yes, that’s one ‘o’).  I’m going to have​ to do more research.

Sadly it looks like the building and street I recall may be long gone. It’s​ in an area disrupted by major development, among other things by a little thing called the Brooklyn Bridge that was built a few years after my memories and changed the layout of the waterfront dramatically.  But the history of the city seems very well documented so I may be able to confirm this memory.


2 thoughts on “Memory Fragment

    • From a brief search online it looks like there are plenty of resources. If it was there, I’ll probably find it. James’ life (ca. 1810-ca. 1875) has been interesting in that I haven’t tracked down exactly who he was, but many everyday details of his life, times, and travels have checked out. It’s the most likely of all the lives to come to me in hypnotic or dream states.

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