Amnesia And Past Lives

I saw an interesting post on another site I post on by someone I watch there.

They were a post-amnesiac who was just starting to remember things again, and they were looking for a type of toy that they remembered playing with as a child.

I had waxed on this whole idea of amnesia and dissocation being somehow related to the way we experience past life memories.  At least, I think I have.  If it wasn’t here maybe it was somewhere else; I know I did tell someone about a documentary I saw called “The Man Without A Past,” about an Englishman who’d basically forgotten his entire life and it all came back to him in vague impressions.  He remembered uncanny details like the address of his high school gym teacher and his ex-girlfriend’s face, but when he was in places he frequented he had no clear memory, only a vague impression that he’d been there before.

It resembled my experience with past lives so closely I’m convinced that it has to be related, somehow.  I’ve felt that way both times I’ve been through Point Reyes Station.  I knew my way around, I knew where things were, but solid, coherent memories evaded me even if certain vistas, sounds, and sights tugged at my memory.  Like the Englishman in that film, I correctly remembered uncanny details, but the broader picture sometimes escapes me.

It got me thinking about how people who remember past lives (not just me) begin craving anything we can remember from back then.  Places we’d been, foods we’d enjoyed, cars we’d driven, people we knew… all of these things potentially hold something for us.

I had assumed for a long time that seeking these things was a dead end,  but maybe it isn’t.  I’d assumed it was all karma, attachment, things dragging me down and holding me in the cycle, but now avoiding these things seems like an emotional avoidance.  I’ve been so obsessed with this idea of escaping the cycle of rebirth and getting out of this world of fear and violence that I hadn’t really thought dwelling on the past held any real value.

I need to dive back in, especially to my WWI life and my seafaring life.  I need to start remembering again.  I feel like I missed something very important in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that might change my perspective.

I’ll be seeking out anything that reminds me of these lives for a while.  Bear with me.


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