Where Is She Now?

Just checking in to say I’m alive and well and, for the first time in a very long while, working again.

I’m doing a security contract on graveyard shift for a rather well-known company based in the Portland area. It’s a cushy post and the pay is enough to live on (for now). I’m in training now and begin my post on Friday.

Best of all, the job will (in all likelihood) give me a chance to catch up on years worth of reading I promised myself and to work on my writing. I will be alone in a booth, all night, and not allowed to use electronic devices so a pen, paper, and books will be my constant companions.

I also want to say that I’ve sensed the Archangel Michael active in my life. A few weeks ago, in desperation, I prayed to St. Michael after a long time of not praying.

I found out after I got my job that St. Michael is the patron of security guards (among other related professions). My prayer, it would seem, was answered.

My lost years seem increasingly remote as my fortunes improve. And who knows, maybe by next year I’ll have saved enough to finally go to Houplines and pay my respects to Jack.