EDIT: 11/21/16

I am revisiting the idea that these flashes do not constitute past lives but rather the prior hosts of a higher consciousness that may have contacted me in 2012-2013.  The below is a rundown as of early last year.

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This blog has shifted dramatically in its themes and purposes since I started it, so here’s a brief rundown of where it is so far, as of 6 January 2015.

Between September 2012 and May 2013, I began remembering a series of past lives in a dense cluster of flashbacks, many of which I later confirmed specific details of.  The memories have since become more sporadic and I have not had a clear memory for some time now.

The first life I recalled and by far the most vivid has been that of a man named John William “Jack” Harris, the poor son of a glover from Yeovil, Somerset, Jack was a career soldier who enlisted in 1902 and served with the Second Battalian of the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry in Secunderabad, India (of which I have fragmented memories) before going into the army reserve in 1910, getting his discharge in early 1914, and re-enlisted in September 1914.  He served at the Second Battle of Ypres and died a few weeks later in Houplines, France.  My best evidence and my memories suggest Jack never married and had no known children; his existence was probably all but forgotten by everyone but a few bureaucrats until I remembered his life.  To date I am far from the only person who claims a past life as a British Tommy, but I am the only person I’m aware of who claims a previous life in the KSLI.  The heading of this blog bears the KSLI motto, “Aucto Splendore Resurgo” which means “I rise again with greater splendour;” I couldn’t ask for a more fitting motto for a past life regiment.

I also recalled an earlier life in the Angevin courts of England in the 12th and 13th centuries.  I was well-placed since among the historical personages I recognize from my memories are Henry II’s court jester Roland, and Richard Couer de Lion.  I remember being very close to both of them.  I have tentatively identified myself in that earlier life as William de Longespee, Third Earl of Salisbury, son of Henry II and his mistress Ida de Tosny.  At any rate, Longespee’s life fits well with the people and locations I remember and it fits well with several weird synchronicities with Jack’s life.  Both were defeated on the battlefield in the same region of France (less than 35 Km apart), both had ties to Somerset and Shropshire, as well as many other places, some of them very specific.  It is interesting to note that Shrewsbury Castle, which William de Longespee held at one time, is now the Shropshire regimental museum.  There’s a lot more to it than that but you’ll have to read through my archive to get the full picture.

I also may or may not have been Philip K. Dick.  I’m honestly not sure.  I have confirmed memories  of favorite albums, cars that friends drove, and places I used to frequent, and I have some obvious similarities in personality, abilities, tastes, and appearance to Phil, but I’ve never had the definitive “aha!” moment that screams that I was him.  A trip to Marin County in June 2015 brought only one modest confirmation and showed that I knew Marin County well enough to find places I frequented despite never having been there before in my present life, but I was frustrated by the lack of new memories.  Probably the most tantalizing clue so far is the fact that Phil briefly mentioned memories of World War I during his mystical experiences in 1974.  As of January 2016 I feel I have come about as close to reconciliation with the family I left behind as I will ever come, and I feel that I’ve come to terms with that life on some level.  For this reason I do not wish to dwell on this claim any longer.

Most of my past lives have not been traced to specific people, but often yielded surprisingly accurate details about professions and places I knew nothing about and time periods I had never studied in depth.  The earliest of these was during the Stone Age, as a woman recently migrated to the South Pacific from continental Asia (I still had shoes made of furs and hides), which I estimate to be about 40,000 years ago.  I may have also lived a number of animal lives, probably as some sort of small canine in Europe the 18th century and an animal of uncertain species in Japan in the early 20th century.

The most recent of my untraced lives was as an Englishman (possibly a former soldier) with a checkered past who took to sailing in the mid-19th century, then later retired to become a stagehand at an opera house.  I could not trace the name I thought I remembered, Clyde Starr or Clive Sparks, to an actual person and believe this was either an alias or something unrelated to my actual identity (One theory I have is that the “Clyde Star” was a long-forgotten steamer on the River Clyde in Scotland, since my memories include steamships).  I recently remembered the name “James” which may have been my real name.

Though I didn’t realize it at the time I started trying to “think out loud” on this blog trying to make philosophical sense of the horrendous death I remembered in France in 1915, this blog effectively became my Exegesis of an increasingly complex cosmology. I am especially interested in Buddhism, Gnosticism, and Judeo-Christian Mysticism and focus heavily on those topics.  I went from agnostic leaning Pagan to Gnostic Christian over the last three years and I’ve got the whole strange process written down, just about.  Perhaps one day I’ll realize I’ve gone insane and this blog will be a reminder of how nuts I really was; or maybe I’ll become a Gnostic bishop and this blog will be the early record of my spiritual growth.  Either way, it’s a very human record of evolving thought with scattered bits of brilliance here and there.

In my day-to-day life, I’m a Portland State graduate trying to get a writing career off the ground.  I’ve written six novels, of which four have been published and two are in revision, though I sell in low volumes and write in an obscure backwater of genre fiction.  My present style is more English than American though I was born in the American midwest.

Owing to the nature of my claims I will not post my name, a full-face image, or any material promoting my written work for profit.  I think using a blog where I post my sincerest beliefs for crass financial gain would just make me another money changer in the temple.  From time to time I will post poetry and short fiction but these are made available under a creative commons 4.0 license (Attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives).

To contact me with any questions or concerns, please use the form below:

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