More Sources

Some additional sources that might help the reader understand Phil’s work, in no particular order.

An in-depth examination of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood:

The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz (pdf format):

The Bardo Thodol audiobook:

The Nag Hammadi Library (html format):

The site this is on, the Gnosis Archive, is also one of the best sources for Gnostic texts on the Web and I have used and linked to it multiple times here.

More to come.  Much more.

Junk Gnosis

Quite often, when coming across videos or websites dealing in Gnostic topics, you will find sensationalist “educate yourself!” conspiracy theories spouting about things like fluoride an the Illuminati.

That isn’t Gnosis; if anything, I believe it’s a smoke screen to keep serious discussion of Gnosticism on the fringe.  After all, the US government has a long history of demonizing people who don’t follow mainline Christian denominations (from the Red Scare to the Satanic Panic to today’s anti-Muslim crusade); why should we believe for one moment that they’re not seeding disinformation against Gnostic movements?

Of course, to hear many conspiracy theorists talk, you might begin to think that our country is run by a Luciferian elite, though the overwhelming evidence is for a white, Anglo-Saxon protestant dominance in our government.  Truth be told, such conspiracy theories are more common among followers of mainline Christian denominations, or Christian Identity movements, and they mostly validate the persecution complex instilled in American Evangelicals and white men from a young age (I went through this indoctrination myself in my early teens before some time away from that culture and a little thing called gender dysphoria helped de-program me).  If anything, Illuminati conspiracy theories feed into fear of practitioners of the Occult, and might actually serve to frighten someone away from the sorts of inquiries necessary in the pursuit of Gnosis.  They often quote mine from sources and people read these quotes without consulting the actual sources themselves.*

For that matter, for all the crappy, over-prescribed psychiatric drugs (and they are crap, for the most part), additives in the water, chemicals in the food, and the allegations of killer rays or chemtrails or whatever else, there sure are an awful lot of people who, in spite of these supposed population and mind-control measures, are quite openly aware that the system is full of shit.  If we’re under some sort of chemical mind control, it’s very poorly executed.**  As for population control, I could more readily believe that, until I board the Max at 5:00 in the evening and find myself with barely enough room to breathe.

I have an inkling that people who promote a Gnostic vision tainted with this anti-Gnostic “Infowars” brand of hysteria may be propagating the products of psy-ops.  A document produced by British intelligence agency GCHQ, a close partner of the NSA, called “The Art of Deception: Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operations” has, on page 24, a page describing “Gambits for deception” that includes pieces of advice like “exploit prior beliefs.”  Certainly, if a “prior belief” includes a distrust of esoteric knowledge, then it would be easy to exploit that belief by fomenting distrust of Gnostic practitioners.  A well-meaning but ill-informed novice might then mistake these conspiracy theories, seeded on sites they frequent, as genuine insight and make the mistake of believing themselves “awakened” when they are in fact lulled by the same spell as many other would-be dissidents.  Once a meme is forced in one or two places by an agent, it is carried along by people who have no idea that they are spreading someone else’s deliberate misinformation.

I agree that the government, corporations, banks, and various entities that make up the world we live in don’t always have our best interests in mind.  I would agree that more often than not, they don’t want us to know the whole truth because if we knew, we’d hate them for all the lies they’ve told and all the things we’ve sacrificed without even knowing it.  I would agree that mass media is a cruel joke, TV is aptly called the “idiot box,” and the things we’re told to put in our body are probably not as wholesome as we’re led to believe. But be mindful that not everyone who peddles the “whole truth” is pointing you the right way.  Be careful of people who aim to dismantle Gnosticism, or who unknowingly sow the seeds of its destruction in their careless repetition of tired memes and groundless conspiracy theories.

The true light of Gnosis is more than just a rebellion against the power structure or looking down your nose at “sheeple.”  Gnosis is beyond society and politics altogether; it is the sublime realization of our place in the universe as the refracted colors of the single light of God through the prism of illusory reality.  Be careful that you are not distracted by the double-bluff revelations of lesser deceptions.  The rulers of the world will always lie because that has always been the nature of the rulers of the world; they mean nothing to you and you need not fear them.

*It isn’t like sources on esoteric societies are rare manuscripts hidden from public view either, though to hear the conspiracy theorists you would think they were; you can read the founding documents of the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians, the Golden Dawn, OTO, and a whole slew of other groups for free online.  If you’re a literate person with a functioning cerebrum, you have no excuse to be afraid.

**That isn’t to say that various types of thought reform don’t exist; that is the primary apparatus of the mass media.  However, thought reform is not very effective when a person maintains a strong enough will or escapes from the controlled environment.