An Interesting Discovery

It seems I may be a blood relation of William Longespee in addition to having what appear to be his memories.

Family genealogy has it that I’m a descendant of David I of Scotland.  David was Empress Maud’s uncle, and Empress Maud was Henry II’s mother.  This makes William Longespee David I’s great-great nephew.

Funny how that works out.  

Full Name?

I have a promising lead on what my full name might have been in my previous life.

Remember that my father’s name was William in that life.

I have found a record of a John William Harris born in 1877 in Yeovil.  I won’t be able to view the details of the record for another little while as I’m a bit short of cash at the moment and it’s a pay site, but I have a strong feeling that this is the record I’m looking for.

This is exciting.  I’m finding that once I can devote some money to research, there’s still plenty to be found.  I’m irritated that these sites charge so much for their services, but at least it’s out there.

Also, I have decided that maybe it’s time to try to find living relatives.  I’ve been avoiding it because I don’t know how to breach the subject, but I’m tired of not knowing if I had a wife or son, or if I have any descendants or great-great-nephews or nieces still alive somewhere who might know something about me, even if they probably barely know about me.

If I had a child, they couldn’t have been born after 1915.  I wouldn’t bet on them being alive but if they are, they won’t be for much longer simply because so few people live more than 90 years.  And maybe I have a grandchild too, who grew up with stories about their grandfather who died in the war before their mother or father were old enough to remember them.

I know it doesn’t mean much after so many years, but I want to see family.  I just hope, if I find them, that they want to see me.  I don’t want anything except to know that you’re out there and you’re okay.