Memories of Yeovil Junction

Unless you’re a hardcore rail buff, this video might be terribly boring. I’m not myself, but I did scan through this to see if I could find anything familiar.

Besides a good general overview of the history of Yeovil’s train stations and some nice shots of steam engines that really pressed some nostalgia buttons for me, I found something interesting.

At 24:37, A train approaches Yeovil Town station (now the site of the Cineworld Cinema) as seen from Wyndham hill, quite near where John and his family lived.

Incidentally, the junction you see in that particular scene is still there; however, only one track, the one to Pen Mill station, survives; the other track was removed in the 1960s and the track bed is now a landscape feature on a golf course, visible in satellite images to this day.

I had been fairly sure I’d been able to see the trains clearly from john’s room on the top floor of the house at Sherborne Road, but this (along with 1880s maps that show no houses behind the terrace where John lived) pretty much proves that this is completely plausible and that there might not have been many trees in the way back then (as there are now).

This explains a lot of why I found a lot of things about the town’s current layout confusing and frustrating.  I suddenly find myself terribly homesick for a Yeovil that is now many years gone.  Pen Mill station is the same as it was all those years ago but the rest has changed conspicuously in the last 120 years or so.