Auspicious Timing

It seems 2015 will be a very interesting year to make my trip to see past life sites.  The Second Battle of Ypres won’t be the only anniversary being marked next year.

It turns out the Magna Carta will be marking its 800th anniversary in 2015, and William Longespee’s personal copy happens to be in the collection of Salisbury Cathedral:
The few hazy impressions I have of that affair are of simply trying to get everyone to settle their problems without cutting any more throats.  It was meant to be an immediate solution to an immediate problem, not a legacy of social progress that has lasted the better part of a thousand years.  It really makes me wonder what makes the difference between solutions that stick and solutions that get forgotten and how I can apply that distinction here and now.
When I look back, I think I always wanted to do big things.  Maybe this is why.  Maybe I’ve always wanted to be more than a “one hit wonder” when it comes to big solutions to big problems.  It would explain what John wanted by going to war as much as it would explain what Phil wanted by writing works of philosophy in the guise of sci-fi novels.  The approach is always different but the goal, it seems, is always the same: I just want to fix things.