That Tune Again!

A couple years ago I remarked on how I had heard the melody “Va Pensiero” come up often.

I hadn’t really noticed it much lately, until this evening when I was browsing a series of recordings by the band and bugles of the Third Battalion of the Light Infantry (the division formed by merging the KSLI with various other Light Infantry regiments in 1963).

This was one of the recordings:

Did that song have some significance to our regiment, I wonder?  Is that why it has stuck in my head for so long, haunting me as if it was a clue to something?

I need to look into this.

EDIT:  WHOA.  I was just showing this to my fiance and he asked what part of the Bible the plot of the opera “Nabucco” is adapted from and I replied that Nabucco was the Italian name for Nebuchadnezzar, who is mentioned in the Book of Daniel… then it hit me like a ton of bricks that I’d been having a lot of dreams and visions related to the Book of Daniel lately!  The threads come together in a bizarre way.