Time Off/ Man in the High Castle

I’ve got time off for summer.  That means more posts here, and of course, time for reading and research at last!

I finished reading “The Man in the High Castle” today.  It’s an excellent book until the end, when the book sort of starts questioning its own existence in a rather frustrating anticlimax that is only held together by a very tenuous thread of shifting perceptions.  Then again, it’s not like I could do much better if I was only relying on readings from the I-Ching to write a novel (though I’ve mused about trying it).

I also saw many of the same elements of imagery I had in my second novel:  men in suits pointing guns at each other, spies, urgent messages, intrigue, assassins, looming wars, and police states… it’s all there, only done with much more refinement than my cludged early attempt.  Then again, Phil was 12 years older than I was when I finished that particular work, and by that point he had much more experience.

As far as any clue to my memories or anything really astonishing to strengthen the circumstantial case, there was nothing aside from yet another appearance of that old Studebaker.