I Didn’t Need That

The street I live on takes on a strange feeling in the evening, especially when it’s damp and cold.  Some details about it seem to remind me of Armentieres but I can’t put a finger on what it is exactly.  Most of the time I can ignore it but it’s always there at the back of my mind.

The last thing I needed, then, was for some random asshole to set off a large fire cracker not far from me while I was walking to the store.

That was more than three hours ago; my hands only just stopped shaking.  Just when I thought I was over being spooked by things like this, I got a painful reminder that part of my mind is still there.

Hopefully Christmas won’t be ruined for me.  My mood has taken a nosedive.

Memory Fragment

I remember being on horseback, though I can’t remember where.

The smell of the horses was overpoweringly strong.  The ground below us was soft and thumped very gently below the hooves of the horse as it walked at a slow, steady pace.  The air was cold, gray, still, silent, and severe.

My eyes were cast down for the most part, my attention on the hooves of a horse nearby, and perhaps a flicker of black and yellow cloth on that other horse.  But I don’t think this was Otto II, because this was not in Germany that I know of.  There were no trees of any kind, it was just a stark, muddy landscape of rather steep hills so far as I can tell.  This may have been in Northern England and it reminded me a bit of the Peak District, though I can’t really place it.