So I don’t talk much about my progress on my writing career here but I thought I’d share an update with as much info as I can.

My next novel is humming along nicely!  I need to do one more revision before I’m satisfied enough to send it to my publisher but so far it’s the most impressive thing I’ve written, far and away.

I’ve also been gearing up a plan to make a final push to take advantage of some recent small improvements in my life and writing to their fullest.  I plan to promote my work aggressively.  Pretty much everywhere I post except this blog will be wall-to-wall about it.  I’ll send copies out to any publication that’ll accept submissions for book reviews.  I’ll take some chances.

I’ve done some I ching readings on this and they’ve been mainly auspicious.  Everything suggests I’m poised to make a move that could get my work noticed, at least in a few circles.  If I can get locally noticed on the West Coast, I’ll be very pleased because the next stage from there will be to field some more mainstream work to keep the lights on and see if I can’t pull something like minimum wage.  Once I’m making just enough to live on, I’ll have a foothold and I’ll press my advantage further.

I’m going to do this.


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